90s Dog

This 90s-inspired dog is the perfect embodiment of “blast from the past”, with his colourful and energetic demeanor.

The character’s most prominent feature is the TV he is riding on, which adds a touch of humor to the overall design. The dog is rendered in bright and bold colours, featuring classic 90s designs and patterns that are sure to evoke feelings of nostalgia in anyone who grew up during that era.

The gaming controller in the character’s hand is another nod to the 90s, symbolizing the golden age of video gaming and the cultural significance it had during that time. The controller is rendered in meticulous detail, with every button and feature carefully crafted to capture its essence. Its 90s-inspired outfit add to its overall charm and make it an instantly recognizable character.

The end result is a character that is both fun and engaging, capturing the essence of the 90s in a way that is timeless.