Coconut Water

Logo for “Niu,” a refreshing coconut water brand that aims to provide a healthy and natural alternative to sugary drinks. The logo features a flat design with a bold and minimal look that is both clean and eye-catching.

The logo is composed of a stylized coconut that is rendered in shades of green and white, symbolizing the brand’s connection to nature and its commitment to sustainability. The use of flat design gives the logo a simple and sleek appearance that is easy to recognize and remember.

The brand name “Niu” is written in bold dark font, which blends nicely against the brown background. The font is both modern and elegant, conveying a sense of quality.

The overall design of the logo is focused on simplicity and clarity, with the use of a limited colour palette and flat shapes. The result is a logo that is both visually appealing and easy to remember, making it ideal for use on packaging and marketing materials.

In summary, this logo for “Niu” coconut water successfully captures the brand’s commitment to natural and healthy living. The use of a flat design and limited colour palette gives the logo a minimal and clean look that is both memorable and recognizable.