Beer Logo

Beer label for “Standing Bear,” a robust and flavourful brew that is perfect for those who enjoy a bold and hearty beer. The label features a realistic illustration of a bear in three tones of barley colours, with dark red accents for shading. The use of natural and earthy colours emphasizes the brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

The bear is depicted standing on two legs, with a confident and powerful stance that embodies the strength and resilience of the brand. The logo is set against a banner with the name “Standing Bear” written in a strong and bold font, which adds to the overall impact and appeal of the design.

The dark red colour is used throughout the label to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the barley colours reinforce the brand’s connection to nature and the brewing process. The use of shading in the illustration adds depth and dimension to the design, making it more visually appealing and engaging.

Overall, the label for “Standing Bear” successfully captures the brand’s values of strength, resilience, and naturalness. The use of realistic illustration and warm, earthy colours creates a distinctive and memorable design that is sure to stand out on store shelves and appeal to beer lovers everywhere.