Dead Rabbit

Introducing the logo for Dead Rabbit Bar – a vintage-inspired design that captures the spirit and essence of this iconic establishment. The bar, known for its lively atmosphere and expertly crafted cocktails, required a logo that was bold, distinctive, and memorable.

The centerpiece of the logo is a rabbit icon, with crosses in its eyes, which adds a touch of irreverence and edginess to the design. This iconic symbol is sure to catch the attention of anyone who sees it, and will quickly become associated with the Dead Rabbit Bar brand.

The vintage style of the logo is emphasized by the bold font that is used for the bar’s name. This font choice is both classic and bold, evoking the feeling of old-school signage and adding to the overall vintage aesthetic of the logo.

The overall effect is a logo that is both classic and modern, capturing the spirit of the Dead Rabbit Bar.

This is a self made brief.